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Evolve AutomotiveWe are pleased to be associated with EVOLVE Automotive as an approved Distributor providing the latest technology and proven remapping software for your vehicle.

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Digital Mileage Correction


Our latest Software addition

Manufacturer : Volkswagen
Series : Golf mk6
Model : 2.0 TSi GTi-R
Std Power BHP : 266
New Power BHP : 290

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Welcome to Map TECHNiC

Map TECHNiC provide ECU remapping services to all those seeking to enhance their motoring experience.


Our remapping software has already undergone significant scrutiny and extensive testing before being released and made available to our customers. Remapping your vehicles ECU is not solely about increasing the performance by increasing BHP and Torque, but also about providing a more focused driving experience and enhancing your vehicles ability to perform functions which suit your requirements.


Release and experience the hidden performance built into your engine via the engine management system.

Fuel Economy

Take advantage of higher octane fuels and benefit from the surprising increase in fuel economy and efficiency.

Mobile Service

Why not let our engineers come to you? Just give us a call on 01642 217087 and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Whether it's as simple as unleashing the untapped power built into most engines by the manufacturers, improving fuel efficiency, enhancing Torque or increasing throttle response, our remapping software will certainly accommodate your requirements. In most cases we can update your ECU through the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) port, therefore no need for untimely and awkward dismantling.


Why not take a moment to discuss your requirements with our team or browse our extensive vehicle database and give your vehicle a new lease of life.

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