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Why use Automotive Window Films

There are a number of advantages to tinting your car windows such as -.


  • Safety Film substantially reduces injury from flying glass in the event of an accident.
  • Security Film provides increased protection in the event someone tries to break into your vehicle by smashing the glass. It also increases the time to gain access therefore increasing the detection rate.
  • Privacy Films offer that additional barrier between the public and the occupants therefore increasing the sense of security. It can also protect possessions should they be left on view.
  • Reject heat Manage and balance climate conditions within the car by reflecting heat/light. Increase the comfort for your pets whilst on long journeys in the summer.
  • Stop harmful UV rays by up to 99% and protect the occupants and the condition of the interior.
  • Aesthetics. Improve the look and styling of your vehicle.

Safety Films

In the event of an accident our Safety Film increases the chances of any broken glass remaining intact. A collision which would ordinarily shatter the glass which can cause injury is drastically reduced and ultimately protects the vehicles occupants from flying glass.

Privacy Films

Increased levels of Privacy can certainly make the occupants feel more comfortable. Our Privacy Films for example make it difficult for others to see into the vehicle trying to establish the number of occupants.


We all know that we should put anything of value within the Glove compartment or the boot of the car but how often have we all left our mobile phones on show by accident. Privacy Film can also stop the opportunist from casually looking into the vehicle for valuables on show.

Glare Reduction Films

Reduce Glare from both natural and artificial light. This will increase the safety of your journey whether your traveling in the night or day.


This is perfect for babies and small children who are traveling in the rear of vehicle who do not have the facility or cannot effectively protect themselves from glare. No more awkward and cumbersome flexible shields which either fall off by themselves or are pulled off by the rear occupants.


It also enables you to retain use of the window operation unlike other systems.

Security Films

Security Film effectively increases the strength of the glass. Whether it is an opportunistic thief or otherwise, the film will increase the time it takes the assailant to gain access to your vehicle extending the entry and detection time. This will also provide time for the driver to leave the scene safely.

Heat & UV Reduction Films

If your vehicle does not have the luxury of Air Conditioning why not choose one of our Comfort Films which reduces the heat build up by reflecting and absorbing solar heat.


In addition to this and due to the advanced nature of the film it is incredibly effective in filtering out up to 98% of harmful UV rays.

Aesthetic Films

Change and enhance the appearance of your vehicle by choosing from our extensive range of window film products.


  • Constant colour reproduction
  • Virtually invisible with no bubbling or peeling
  • Scratch resistant properties
  • Other inherant properties such as Glare reduction.
  • Large selection of colour tints.
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