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Automotive Films

Our Automotive Tint Films are manufactured using advanced engineering techniques under the most scrupulous and toughest quality standards in both the UK and USA.


Our Automotive Tint Films have all undergone extensive testing and designed to operate in extreme conditions. All of our films have been exposed to "real-life" performance testing in the most extreme cold to severe heat and sunlight. All the Films are manufactured from micro-thin and ultra-clear polyester. They benefit from being extremely tough, durable, fade resistant and all come with a scratch resistant coating.


All of the Automotive films we use are ISO9001/9002 certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI).


Avantguard Series








Ceramic Black Ceramic Black 21% 6% 74% 5% 8% <1%
Ceramic Dark Ceramic Dark 22% 5% 73% 18% 6% <1%
Ceramic Medium Ceramic Medium 31% 6% 63% 38% 6% <1%
Ceramic Light Ceramic Light 38% 6% 56% 55% 7% <1%


SET - The percentage of total solar energy transmitted through filmed glass.

SER - The percentage of total energy rejected by filmed glass.

SEA - The percentage of total solar energy absorbed by filmed glass.

VLT - The percentage of visible light that is transmitted directly through the film.

VLR - The percentage of visible light reflected back from filmed glass.

UVT - The percentage of UV Light that is transmitted through filmed glass.


Domestic and Commercial Films

There are an exhaustive amount of films to suit most applications which generally fall under the following categories. Please call us to discuss your specific requirements.


  • Solar Control & Energy Saving for both internal and exterior applications.
  • Safety & Security which come in clear, tinted or Matte Films.
  • Design & Privacy films which are generally either metallic, pattern or privacy films.
  • Specialist applications usually based around solar control, design, privacy, safety and security specials.


Film Property

Solar Control

Energy Saving

Safety Films

Security Films

Design Films

Privacy Films

Special FIlms

Reflective Finishes  
Solar Heat Gain Reduction    
Energy Saving    
Privacy Characteristics
Glare Reduction      
100% UV Protection            
Anti-UV Protection
Anti-UV in Adhesive          
Scratch Resistant

Virtually invisible

Easily Removed      

3 Layer Structure

Coloured Tints      
Specialist Installations            

Insulation Properties

Frost / Patterned Films          
Interior Installation
Exterior Installation      

Anti-Graffiti Film


Glass Repair Film

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