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Why use Commercial Window Films

There are a number of advantages when applying Film to windows to commercial properties -


  • Safety Films provide that added confidence to areas which are used by the general public and employees alike reducing the increased risk of injury.
  • Improve security of your premises which are not always visible and in plain sight of the general public. Further protect your expensive assets by increasing the time in which it takes for someone to gain unofficial access to your premises therefore increasing the detection rate.
  • Treat your glazing to one of our energy saving films and reap the cost saving benefits. This is ideal for buildings which utilise Air Conditioning as a method of controlling the working environment. By keeping the building cooler, this reduces the energy used by expensive Air Conditioning.
  • Protect your stock from UV damage which could prove costly to replace.
  • Decorative films to enhance your interiors style and perhaps increase privacy.
  • Promote a more comfortable and productive environments by fitting Glare Reduction films.

Security & Safety Films

Protect the glass on and within your Commercial property by applying our Security film which when professionally installed is virtually impossible to see. This increased strength film will ensure that damage to expensive glass panels will be substantially reduced. Security films can be completely colourless and transparent and will not effect the views or restrict natural light retaining the appearance and functionality of large glazed areas. This application would be ideal for public areas which are surrounded by glass.

In the event the glass is compromised the added safety features of the film ensures that the glass remains intact reducing the chances of personal injury.

Privacy and Decorative Films

Use precision cut film to add the element of privacy to your office. Because it is an applied film, although durable it can be replaced easily if damaged and without any significant disruption to the working day.

We can supply and fit laser cut film to glass partitions, doors but virtually any flat glass surface including the supply of company logo's and advertising.

Solar Control & Energy Saving Films

Solar and Energy Saving Films have become and important feature of offices which have large expanses of glazing. In terms of Solar control our films can reflect the heat given off by the sun and therefore reduce the solar gain and help in controlling the natural environment within the office. This will undoubtedly increase the comfort levels and improve production within the working environment.

Energy Saving films work in tandem with Solar Control Films. As the solar gain is vastly reduced this in effect reduces the strain on Air Conditioning services therefore reducing running and maintenance costs.


The films also have many other properties such as privacy, glare reduction and UV filtering which also enhances the environment and productivity.

Glare Reduction Films

Modern Commercial buildings tend to be utilising glass to take advantage of natural light. In doing so offices can tend to be uncomfortable due to solar gain and particularly glare.


Although air conditioning does improve the working environment our Glare Reduction Film will can improve the layout of offices which rely on computers and other digital media by reducing glare.


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