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Why use Domestic Window Films

There are a number of advantages when applying Film to windows on domestic properties -


  • Safety Films will help protect your family and occupants from injury from shards of glass by securing and retaining the glass in a fixed state.
  • Improve security of your windows on your property without affecting the light and views. Criminals who rely on breaking and entering by means of breaking external glass will find this film increases the difficulty of gaining access to your property.
  • Treat your glazing to one of our energy saving films and reap the cost saving benefits. This is ideal for single glazed units but of course will also improve double glazed units by providing better insulating properties..
  • Protect your internal furnishings and possessions from fading by filtering UV rays.
  • Decorative films will enhance your interiors style and can also be used to provide improved privacy.
  • Be more productive and increase your comfort within your home/office environment by fitting Glare Reduction films. This can assist when viewing either televisions, display panels or computer monitors for instance by reducing glare at source.

Safety Films

Safety around the home can be a major concern particularly if there are children involved. Low level glazing for example cannot always be guaranteed to be of toughened construction and in accordance with the current Building Regulations.

Replacing standard glass to that of a toughened specification can be very expensive when you consider the cost of purchasing the glass, fitting, decoration and not to mention the disruption.


Safety film will effectively reduce the chances of serious injury, by holding the glass together in the event of an impact which breaks the glass. The film itself is extremely strong and once applied by one of our experienced installers it is virtually invisible and therefore undetectable.

Decorative Films

Experience the look of an ultra stylish and modern home by using film to create privacy screens or ingenious glass decoration to separate rooms.


Other uses are to provide visibility to large panes of glass which are otherwise difficult to see.

Glare Reduction Films

Reduce Glare using our Anti-glare film. No longer will you be required to drawer the curtains or pull down the blinds to watch TV or work on your computer.

Security Films

Burglary remains a great concern as always to the home owner and protecting your home remains a key priority.


Our specially formulated Security Film can and will render the glass significantly more difficult to break. The film is easily applied and creates a bonded barrier between you, your family and possessions.


Add an increased sense of security by treating your low level windows and doors and be safe in the knowledge that any attempt to access your property will be met with a robust and invisible defence.

Solar Control & Energy Saving Films

Even with our modern living conditions and the introduction of double glazed units, windows and glazed doors have very poor heat retaining properties and account for a significant amount of heat loss from our homes.

Applying one of our varied range of Energy Saving films you can improve the energy saving characteristics of the glass without inhibiting the views and levels of light you have become accustomed to. Apply film to single glazed units will retain their traditional look and appeal but with the increased heat retaining properties.

As with our vehicle films they can also filter harmful UV rays protecting your family and prevent discolouration of your furnishings.


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